Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Idea

Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Idea

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Are you looking for thoughtful and unique baby shower gift?! Baby Shower Gift Idea - Supplemental Newborn Screening

…Why not gift your friends and family with a supplemental newborn screening test?!

Although many people are working tirelessly to make universal newborn screening a reality here in the U.S,, the fact is that we aren’t close yet! Supplemental screening is a great way to make sure your loved ones are covered!!

Our friends at Hunter’s Hope and Grey’s Gift have partnered with PerkinElmer, creators of the StepOne®/LSD Newborn Screening Packet, to offer supplemental newborn screening tests at a discounted rate!

One heel prick could save a life! 

Baby Shower Newborn ScreeningMany Parents, including the Wallace family, only wish they would have known about supplemental screening for their son, Jackson!

Awareness is key! Share the thoughtful gift of supplemental screening with your loved ones!

Please visit the PerkinElmer Website for more information about the StepOne®/LSD Newborn Screening Packet

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